Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Emulators are virtual gaming systems. You can get them on your phone or your computer. The Emulators range form a Gameboy advanced to a PlaySatation 2. For the PlauSatation Emulator you meant want a controller to plug into your PC. The websites that you get the roms ( the games for the emulator) and they have most of the games for the emulator that you want.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Skyrim is an open world RPG game made by Bethdsa.  They are also famous for making the Fallout series. More about Skyrim shall we. Skyrim leveling system in the game is based on what actions you do. So you could use a sword to make your one handed stat to make it better. You can also barter with people to make your speech stat better too. Skyrim is also set in the knights and dragon ages.

Monday, April 11, 2016


Valve is a gaming company who makes some pretty good games. Some of those games include Left 4 Dead, Half Life, and Portal. But here is the thing they cannot count to three all of their games end at two. They may not get their third game out but still they are pretty good with their games. Valve does get made fun a lot for not making a third game in a series it's funny at first but then it gets old after a while. Their famous Half Life there are things around the internet saying stuff how about there is going to be a third one coming out for the Half Life series. Which could be good in the end for people who like Half Life cause then that means they get know what happened after the last game. Their Left 4 Dead series was really good for people who enjoyed  killing zombies with their friends. The Portal series was made for people who enjoy trying to solve puzzles and exploring a little bit. Portal is a game known for having secret little areas hidden around. If the player was smart enough they could go and find it.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Fallout 4 new dlc

Fallout 4 just came out with its new dlc. This new dlc always the player to make their own robot companies. That in it's self has some up and downs. The dlc also adds in a new story area to the game and a new villain. The new villain is from an older game ( Fallout  3) the name of the villain is The Mechanist. The dlc gives a bunch of new things for the player

Monday, March 21, 2016

PC gaming

PC gaming is something is slowly becoming more a thing. PC gaming is just more useful than other gaming ( that's coming from a person who console games for most of my life). The reason PC gaming is better is that you can add mods to your games that you play. Plus PC gaming is a little more difficult because you have to have to know the lay of your keyboard. Also you better have a good PC setup to run some of the games.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

PlayStation vs Xbox

PlayStation is something that has been going on for while now and its skyrocketed since then. Same thing could be said about Xbox expect for what they are doing to Xbox 360 players. Microsoft is shutting down Xbox live and the indie market place for 360 players. That's not going to make them move on to Xbox one its going to make them move on to PlayStation or PC gaming now. I'm probably going to to go back PlayStation because it has a little bit more variety in games. PlayStation games are in abundance  and that's more than likely they get all the game developers and companies on their side. Xbox only has a select few developers and companies they can chose from so its pretty bad for them. Don't get wrong I love the games that Xbox has but its not as much as PlayStation has. I see that PlayStation has more games as a good thing and I'm more than likely going to be soon or in the future shortly. Plus a another great thing about PlayStation is that you pay $50 for your PSN (PlayStation Network) and you keep forever. Xbox you have a set amount of time before you have to buy another card so you can have Xbox gold for a month or a year.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

New game release

The Division came out a couple of days ago. And from what I have seen of it so far is that it looks good is that it needs to just fixed the sever issues. The game is pretty good so far and the game play for it is amazing. The Division probably surprised a bunch of people on the day of the launch because the game has changed since the beta and alpha were out. The game is doing good so far and it making a ton of money so far too due to the sale.

Friday, February 26, 2016


Destiny is a game made by the oraingil creators of Halo. Bungie ( the creator) made Destiny to be this open world MMO RPG game. Which in turn this game is what the wanted to be. The game play of the game is pretty smooth for being made last year. The great part about it is that it has character customization ( which I really do like). Destiny is meant to be played online (so no internet means no Destiny) and also you can interact with people form all over the world. If you have ever played halo that is how it plays a little bit. It has a in depth story (if you are wiling to do the research for it). Destiny has three dlcs out for it now which will cost you about $80 or you can buy the legendary edition which gives you everything. Bungie has even announced that there is going to be a Destiny 2 coming out in 2017 ( why though is the question).

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Division

The Division is a new game coming out March 8th. The plot of the game is that the Flu virus went out of hand and start killing people off. The area that game takes place in is Manhattan/Boston area. Your avatar that you make is one of last few remaining people that has not be infected by the virus. Your avatar is part The Division group that try to find a cure for the virus. There are many different apphorchs you can do the game. They have special areas in the game called Dark Zones where the virus is still active but that's where the best loot is at ( your choice to get it or not). The game doesn't really have a story to it. The game itself is a open world RPG MMO game ( role playing game and massive multiplayer online). You can up to a team of 4 so pick your best friends if you want to survive in the world of The Division. The Division is being made by Tom Clancy and Ubisoft. This is a new turn for Tom Clancy because this isn't there usually gaming type but you never it may be the best game of 2016.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Far cry 4

Far Cry 4 is a game made Ubisoft. Far Cry 4 follows the story of Ajay trying to find a place for his mother's ashes. The place where it takes place is in China but I don't know the area it is in. Ajay didn't want to get in the mess he's in but he got wrapped up in it by the villain Pin Ming. In the main game of Far Cry 4 the area you are there animals you can hunt and skin ( the skins can used to craft useful items). For example, one thing the skins can be used to craft is new weapon holsters.  In the dlc ( downloadable content) Ajay is in the mountains. Ajay's goal is to find the pilot and get of the mountain but yet again he gets caught up in something he didn't want to be in. There is a magical creature following Ajay through his mission on the mountain and the creature is a yeti. This yeti(s) cannot be killed because if you do manage to take one down it just disappears into an orange mist. Back to main game Far Cry 4 has a leveling up system ( kind of like a RPG game) so if you kill an animal/enemy you gain a certain amount of xp (experience points). There is also a Karma xp bar. This Karma xp bar can be filled by doing optional side missions that randomly appear throughout the game. Also a really cool feature is if you get a clean on an animal you get double the skins for crafting. I think Far Cry 4 is one of the better games that Ubisoft has made in recent years.

Monday, February 1, 2016


Ubisoft is a video game publish company who make millions of dollars every time they help make a game. A couple of games they helped with would be Assassin's creed series and Far Cry series. The Assassin's creed series is a series where you play as an assassin in a given time like the French Revelation or maybe the American Revelation. The newest installment in the series would Assassin's creed Syndicate which is set in England industrial period. Now the Far Cry series is set in more modern times expect for the newer one which is Far Cry Primal. Within the Far Cry series they have a level up system and also a bit of a hunting aspect to it.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Video games of 2016

There are a bunch of new video games coming out in 2016. Such games include The Division, Battleborn,  and Uncharted 4. The game that will becoming out soon is The Division it comes out March 8th for next gen console ( Xbox one and PlayStation 4). I don't know when Battlborn is coming out yet but its made by 2k studios (helped make the NBA games) and Gearbox software. So Battleborn should be a good game because the games that came before it where great ( Borderlands series) lets see if Battleborn is as great as it parents. I don't really know anything about Uncharted 4 but all I do know about it is that its the fourth game in a good series. 2016 should be a good year for next gen gaming!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Now and days video games that come out are just remarks of older games. All they have really done is made the games graphics a little bit better or fixed load times to different areas of the game. Lets use The Last of Us as a example of a game that was remade. The Last of Us came out around mid 2013 or maybe late 2014. The reason Naughty Dog ( creator of the game) remade The Last of Us was the PS4 (PlayStation 4) they wanted to gain more money form the remastered edition of the game. Naughty Dog even made a deal  with Sony (owners of PlayStation) to were if you buy a new PS4 you get a copy of The Last of Us remastered. Also most companies when they remake a game for new gamers when the buy the newer a console they can get the same game that was an older console. Those companies are also trying to get more money form these remade games because the sell the remade games at the price of brand new game (which is around $60). It helps them gain popularity among gamers and money form them. But if they want to remake game let them that means that people will still have a job.

Thursday, January 7, 2016


       A Atari is an old video gaming console from the 60's maybe the late 70's. The Atari consist of two came controllers that was a small box with a stick with a button on the top of it . It also had a button next to the stick to. When you first look at an Atari it kind of looks a old tape player. The game cartridges look like tapes. If the game you wanted to play stopped working all you did was blow into the cartridge to get the game to work again. The one big game that a lot of know of for Atari is Pong. The Atari game pong was basically tennis if want to call that.  Pong was pretty much just two pixeled lines hitting a pixeled ball back and forth trying to score a point.