Monday, January 25, 2016

Video games of 2016

There are a bunch of new video games coming out in 2016. Such games include The Division, Battleborn,  and Uncharted 4. The game that will becoming out soon is The Division it comes out March 8th for next gen console ( Xbox one and PlayStation 4). I don't know when Battlborn is coming out yet but its made by 2k studios (helped make the NBA games) and Gearbox software. So Battleborn should be a good game because the games that came before it where great ( Borderlands series) lets see if Battleborn is as great as it parents. I don't really know anything about Uncharted 4 but all I do know about it is that its the fourth game in a good series. 2016 should be a good year for next gen gaming!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Now and days video games that come out are just remarks of older games. All they have really done is made the games graphics a little bit better or fixed load times to different areas of the game. Lets use The Last of Us as a example of a game that was remade. The Last of Us came out around mid 2013 or maybe late 2014. The reason Naughty Dog ( creator of the game) remade The Last of Us was the PS4 (PlayStation 4) they wanted to gain more money form the remastered edition of the game. Naughty Dog even made a deal  with Sony (owners of PlayStation) to were if you buy a new PS4 you get a copy of The Last of Us remastered. Also most companies when they remake a game for new gamers when the buy the newer a console they can get the same game that was an older console. Those companies are also trying to get more money form these remade games because the sell the remade games at the price of brand new game (which is around $60). It helps them gain popularity among gamers and money form them. But if they want to remake game let them that means that people will still have a job.

Thursday, January 7, 2016


       A Atari is an old video gaming console from the 60's maybe the late 70's. The Atari consist of two came controllers that was a small box with a stick with a button on the top of it . It also had a button next to the stick to. When you first look at an Atari it kind of looks a old tape player. The game cartridges look like tapes. If the game you wanted to play stopped working all you did was blow into the cartridge to get the game to work again. The one big game that a lot of know of for Atari is Pong. The Atari game pong was basically tennis if want to call that.  Pong was pretty much just two pixeled lines hitting a pixeled ball back and forth trying to score a point.