Thursday, March 17, 2016

PlayStation vs Xbox

PlayStation is something that has been going on for while now and its skyrocketed since then. Same thing could be said about Xbox expect for what they are doing to Xbox 360 players. Microsoft is shutting down Xbox live and the indie market place for 360 players. That's not going to make them move on to Xbox one its going to make them move on to PlayStation or PC gaming now. I'm probably going to to go back PlayStation because it has a little bit more variety in games. PlayStation games are in abundance  and that's more than likely they get all the game developers and companies on their side. Xbox only has a select few developers and companies they can chose from so its pretty bad for them. Don't get wrong I love the games that Xbox has but its not as much as PlayStation has. I see that PlayStation has more games as a good thing and I'm more than likely going to be soon or in the future shortly. Plus a another great thing about PlayStation is that you pay $50 for your PSN (PlayStation Network) and you keep forever. Xbox you have a set amount of time before you have to buy another card so you can have Xbox gold for a month or a year.

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