Monday, April 11, 2016


Valve is a gaming company who makes some pretty good games. Some of those games include Left 4 Dead, Half Life, and Portal. But here is the thing they cannot count to three all of their games end at two. They may not get their third game out but still they are pretty good with their games. Valve does get made fun a lot for not making a third game in a series it's funny at first but then it gets old after a while. Their famous Half Life there are things around the internet saying stuff how about there is going to be a third one coming out for the Half Life series. Which could be good in the end for people who like Half Life cause then that means they get know what happened after the last game. Their Left 4 Dead series was really good for people who enjoyed  killing zombies with their friends. The Portal series was made for people who enjoy trying to solve puzzles and exploring a little bit. Portal is a game known for having secret little areas hidden around. If the player was smart enough they could go and find it.

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